Fishers Entertainment and Events LTD

Fishing Out the Stress

We are a private company specializing in entertainment services. Our expertise extends to music production, event management, and planning, ensuring memorable gatherings. We take pride in nurturing talent through our Music Academy. 



To provide exceptional entertainment services that immerse and delight our clients, encompassing live music performances, cinematography, event management, and music education, while ensuring seamless execution and memorable experiences for all occasions.


To be the leading provider of immersive entertainment experiences, recognized for our creativity, precision, and dedication to nurturing talent, as we continue to transform events into unforgettable moments that resonate with our clients and their guests.

Meet our Team

Gabriel Jumah

Chief Executive Officer

Nicholas Mwenengo

Director - Sales & Marketing & PR

Lucas Okello

Director - Operations

Fishers Entertainment and Events Limited.
Fishing out the stress.

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We are located in Busia, Kenya